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Felicity Long
Business Mentor
About Me
Yes i'm a real person just like you! I've struggled in the past to make money online, just like you. For the last two years i tried system, after system, spend thousands of dollars on courses and training that all left me with a big fat nothing! Then i found the answer! Now I never worry about where my next pay check is coming from.

I have two beautiful children that i get to spend my time at home with; taking them out to parks, museums and adventure parks. I get to take them to Australia, for the first time in their lives, to visit our family there. I get to work from home, helping others to grow their internet businesses through tried and tested systems that access literally thousands of leads every month and giving people the FREEDOM that they so desperately desire. 
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Chapter 1: From Rags... 
It wasn't always cupcakes and rainbows for my family and me. When i started in online marketing, I thought it was the best company that i was joining with, my team was going to help me, there was no way i could loose right? WRONG!! My sponsors left me high and dry, wouldn't return my calls or answer my messages. 

Spent good money after bad, wasting thousands of dollars, or different training courses, only to be asked to pay more after the first 4 videos or i couldn't learn the next part of the puzzle. Nothing was working!! We slipped into debt, not a little bit, A LOT OF DEBT! 

Even with my husband was working two jobs and we were still 2 months behind on our rent with an eviction notice imminent, our phones were shut off, internet was about to be turned off, living off food stamps and hampers from the FoodBank just so that we could feed our two children. There were days when my husband and i didn't eat so that our kids could. I was desperate! But that's when things started to change. 

I found a mentor who eradicated the notions that my former uplines had installed in me. He tore apart what i thought was a good business and then helped me rebuild it from the ground up! With one simple 3-step system i created the business i had always wanted. 
Chapter 2: To teaching... 
The stress was gone from our lives! We weren't worried about where the next months rent was coming from, sure it took us a couple months to get back on top of our bills but now we aren't struggling like before. My husband quit his second job and now he focuses on what he loves which is being the manager of a large warehouse and transportation company. 

It's only been 4 months since the rebuild and i didn't know how to express my gratitude to my mentor and he didn't seem to want any! So i made up my mind to start sharing what i had learnt with others. I started showing other struggling marketers the missing pieces to their puzzle! 

I get to enjoy more of my time with my children, im not always slaving away in front of my computer or on endless calls on my phone. I get to enjoy cuddle time and play time, instead of just putting something on for them to watch and saying "Don't disturb mum she is busy!" 

I got my life back and i share the secret with everyone! I send my email subscribers daily marketing tips and tools to help get them out of the overwhelm and frustration that so many online marketers experience because their sponsors left them high and dry after they signed up! To get access to these tips, training and tools simply sign up with your email now!
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